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7 different tournaments around the world.
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World Football Tours offers you a rich calendar of amateur football tournaments around Europe. We have selected and compiled for your team a calendar that has collected the most interesting and eventful football festivals in Europe, starting in January and ending with the month of December 2020.

Information about each tournament can be found on our website by clicking on the name of that interests you. Some football tournaments are under construction and their exact date, as well as the cost, must be further clarified by the managers of World Football Tours.

Football amateur (non-professional) tournaments 2020

Month Dates Country Name Category Age
January 21-27 Spain (Malaga) Andalusia Fest 8×8 18+, 40+, 50+
July 03-05 Ukraine (Kyiv) Kyiv Football Fest 8×8 18+
August 02-09 Georgia (Batumi) Georgia Fest 8×8 18+, 40+, 50+
August 20-23 Ukraine (Lviv) Lviv Football League 5×5 18+
September 24-27 Germany (Berlin) Octoberfest Football League 5×5, 8х8 18+, 40+
October 22-25 Portugal (Albufeira) Ocean Football League 5×5, 8×8 18+, 40+
December 26-27 Ukraine (Kyiv) Dynamo Kyiv Football League 8х8 18+
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